We invite your school to participate in our  ZOA Brooklyn Region  18th Annual Mishloach Manot Campaign this is a great opportunity for your students to share the Simcha with the soldiers of the IDF and a noble way to express our support and commitment to Israel, her people, and her defenders.  Our project is simple.  We invite schools to get their students involved by either donating funds to buy michloach manot packages and/or writing letters/cards for the soldiers.  The connection between students across the US and the Israeli Soldiers is a heartwarming experience. The Israeli soldiers are always full of gratitude and appreciation when receiving their mishloach manot.  This is how you can participate:

1.  Collect letters / cards from your students to be included with the mishloach manot (samples attached).


2.  Collect donations from your students. Cost per mishloach manot $20 each.


3.  Cash or checks can be made payable to ZOA Brooklyn Region and mail it to:


                                                    ZOA Brooklyn Region

                                                    20 Ocean Court

                                                    Brooklyn, NY. 11223


                   The Deadline to receive checks and student cards for the IDF is February 19, 2018

              For further information visit our website – www.purimwithidf.com / www.zoabrooklyn.org

                            Contact us at zoabrooklyn@gmail.com or call (718)339-8483


                               May we be successful in all our efforts from ‘chayil to chayil’!!!