The ZOA Mishloach Manot Campaign started in 1999 by ZOA Brooklyn region president, Rubin Margules. For over 18 years the campaign has delivered mishloach manot packages to thousands upon thousand of soldiers. Dedicated to the brave men and women of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who serve their country on a daily basis with great devotion, and commitment to the security of its people.  This campaign is a tangible display of tremendous appreciation for all that they do. Through this campaign, Jews from all over the world, of all ages and affiliations come together to bring the joy of Purim to members of the IDF through the distribution of over 10,000 mishloach manot packages, along of personalized letters of support and love sent to them by students and volunteers from different parts of the United States. Over 40 schools participate each year in writing heartfelt letters to IDF soldiers in which they express their "Hakarat Hatov" to them for protecting their loved ones, for keeping Israel safe and secure, and for putting their life on the line for their people. Mr margules has said, "This mishloach manot campaign is a wonderful expression of the unwavering bond that jews from all over, share with Israel and its intrepid soldiers. It also represents a marvelous opportunity to show our appreciation at a minimal cost. By taking an active role and writing letters to the IDF, the letters infuse such delight and joy in the hearts of these soldiers and it goes without saying that it really bolsters their spirits."